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Security Features

WebCam Monitoring

Throughout the entire testing session we enable the user's webcam and record a constant feed of their activities - no leaving the window in the middle of a test!

ID Check

Before the exam, all users are required to show ID to proceed into the exam.

Screen Lock

Users are not able to view multiple windows - the materials available are pre-approved and only accessible if allowed by the test sponsor

Room Scan

Test takers are required to scan the room, ceiling and desk with their webcam at random intervals throughout the test.

Motion Detection

We automatically monitor eye and head movement throughout the test looking for inconsistencies and suspect behavior.

Item Security

We disable keyboard and mouse copying to secure your items

Testing Services

Test Administration

Our testing engine can handle multiple choice, essay questions and software delivery. Key features include question randomization, on-screen calculators and easy test uploading.

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Custom Test Portal

We will work with you to create a custom test portal, including test registration, study materials, & score reporting.

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Test Analytics

See test results and analyze entire cohorts of candidates with just a few clicks. We make it easy to measure your candidates, and send out automated certificates and score reports.

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